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A Guidebook for Mobility Innovation

By Shared-Use Mobility Center

Jun 7, 2023

The Mobility Innovation Collaborative (MIC) is pleased to announce our new resource to guide mobility innovation: Principles to Plan, Design, & Implement Innovative Mobility Projects.

View the guide HERE:

Principles to Plan, Design, and Implement Innovative Mobility Pilot Projects. Published in April 2023.

About this guide

Over the past year, the MIC team conducted industry-wide research on mobility innovation to understand what excites, challenges, and stumps people in the world of mobility innovation. We turned to leaders in the mobility industry to understand their needs and gathered qualitative data from innovators in the field through expert interviews, surveys, and workshops. 

Through these efforts, we developed this guidebook to better plan, design, and implement innovative mobility pilot projects. The guidebook provides a series of principles to better plan, design, and implement innovative mobility pilot projects. Each principle has supporting information, including strategies to execute the principle, examples of the principle in action, resources about the principle, and questions to prompt team discussions.

The principles included in this guidebook summarize a wide range of experiences from stakeholders working in different types of innovative mobility projects. As a result, this guidebook intends to serve a variety of mobility pilot projects and organizational change processes, as well as to support as many mobility professionals working in different contexts as possible. SUMC’s hope is that this guidebook will help teams plan, design, and implement innovative mobility pilot projects better. 

This guidebook is intended for anyone in the transportation sector who knows that their community’s transportation systems can do better and are ready to develop or implement new ideas. It intends to serve a variety of mobility projects, to foster organizational change processes, and to support as many mobility professionals working in different contexts as possible.


The Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC) is grateful to the Federal Transit Administration, who made this work possible through cooperative agreements with SUMC in support of their mobility innovation initiatives. SUMC also thanks all MIC grantees who participated and informed this guidebook. Content and conclusions of this report are solely those of SUMC.

Bridging the First and Last 5 Mile Gap: Microtransit in Northeast Wake County, NC

By Shared-Use Mobility Center

Dec 14, 2022

Through an IMI grant, the Wake County Department of Health and Human Services developed GoWake SmartRide NE, a microtransit pilot in northeast Wake County, North Carolina. The process included conducting a feasibility study to help plan for the service and organizing adult education programs to help target users with lower technological literacy learn how to use the service and book rides through the computer and mobile app. As the demonstration portion of the pilot comes to an end in Spring 2023, Wake County is exploring how to extend and grow the service.

One Account, Many Transit Agencies: Integrating Transit Payments with NEORide EZfare

By Shared-Use Mobility Center

Nov 28, 2022

NEORide, an IMI grantee, launched EZfare to help transit customers at member agencies purchase fares. NEORide is looking to grow the EZfare platform so customers can discover and book paratransit and other shared mobility services. Upcoming efforts for NEORide include starting a one-click/one-call center that matches seniors and customers with disabilities with paratransit and human transportation services.

A County-Wide Transformation of Demand-Response Service into Microtransit, Baldwin County, Alabama

By Shared-Use Mobility Center

Sep 26, 2022

In 2020, the Baldwin Regional Area Transit System (BRATS) in Baldwin County, Alabama partnered with Via to transition its demand-responsive transit service to an on-demand microtransit service through an Integrated Mobility Innovation (IMI) grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Through this pilot project, BRATS intended to increase efficiency of its public transit service, reduce passenger wait times, improve reliability, and enhance transit access for all residents of Baldwin County. 

BRATS collects and analyzes a large amount of data to evaluate the microtransit service, and works closely with Via to improve Via’s own data collection methods. The new platform brought major improvements in ridership, rider experience, efficiency, flexibility, and service for Baldwin County residents.

Partnering to Reduce Missed Medical Appointments, Pierre, SD

By Shared-Use Mobility Center

Jul 21, 2022

River Cities Public Transit and Avera St. Mary’s Hospital in Pierre partnered to offer a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service. Through this service, patients pay for their rides to and from medical appointments based on distance and type of health insurance. This service offers rides to patients within a 75-mile radius of Pierre. This radius includes 11 primarily rural counties and five American Indian reservations.

Both River Cities Public Transit and Avera support this pilot with an Integrated Mobility Innovation Grant from the Federal Transit Administration.

Using COMPASS to Navigate Cecil County, MD

By Shared-Use Mobility Center

Mar 2, 2022

Cecil County is providing on-demand transit service to increase accessibility and provide more mobility options to people in substance recovery. This project is primarily funded through the Integrated Mobility Innovation grant from the Federal Transit Administration.

Through the COMPASS microtransit mobility program, residents from participating recovery houses are eligible to use COMPASS to access jobs, school, shopping, legal services and other vital services.

AVs + Rideshare = RAPID, Arlington, TX

By Shared-Use Mobility Center

Nov 16, 2021

Rideshare, Automation, and Payment Integration Demonstration, or RAPID for short, is an autonomous mobility on-demand pilot program in the City of Arlington. This project is funded through the Integrated Mobility Innovation grant from the Federal Transit Administration.

RAPID is an AV program that provides first-/last-mile mobility option for people in Arlington’s downtown core and the campus at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Integrated Mobility Services with Connect2Transit

By Shared-Use Mobility Center

Jul 1, 2021

Connect2Transit is a program in Marin County, California.

Connect2Transit offers the community access to discounted rides, real time information, and on-demand microtransit.

Whatcom Transportation Authority Launches Microtransit Pilot

By Shared-Use Mobility Center

Jun 13, 2021

Lynden Hop is a microtransit service in Lynden, Washington.

Lynden Hop provides customers the ability to book door-to-door rides online within the city for $1.

This animated video provides details about Lynden Hop.

Transforming Transit into Mobility at The COMET

By Shared-Use Mobility Center

Jun 1, 2021

The COMET is a transit system in Columbia, South Carolina.

Learn about how The COMET responded to communities in disinvested neighborhoods with its The COMET On The Go! program in 2019. Through this program, transit services were provided to connect communities to fundamental resources like jobs or grocery stores.