About the Projects

The Mobility Innovation Collaborative consists of two cohorts from the Federal Transit Administration Office of Research and Innovation – IMI Grantees and AIM Grantees.

IMI stands for Integrated Mobility Innovation, and AIM stands for Accelerating Innovative Mobility. There are 24 IMI Grantees and 25 AIM Grantees, all of whom are exploring a range of innovative mobility solutions in their communities. IMI Grantees were awarded their grant in March 2020, and AIM Grantees were awarded their grant in May 2021.

Click on the map below to learn more about the Grantees, their projects, and their transportation organization. The filter on the map offers a guide to help categorize Grantee projects.

All projects are unique in scope and contribute to accelerating mobility innovation in different ways.

Meet the Grantees


About the Shared-Use Mobility Center

The Shared-Use Mobility Center is a public-interest organization dedicated to achieving equitable, affordable, and environmentally sound mobility across the United States through the efficient sharing of transportation assets.

SUMC seeks to extend the benefits of shared mobility for all by:

  • connecting the public and private sectors;
  • piloting programs;
  • conducting new research;
  • and providing policy and technical expertise to cities and regions.

Meet the Shared-Use Mobility Center Team Working with Grantees